Helma Boeck H E L M A   B O E C K                                                    

I am a painter and live and work in Berlin, in the creative district Friedenau. After finishing my professional life I had a phase of several years studying arts with private teachers and adult education.

With acrylic colours and several magic materials I paint abstract - expressiv - informel pictures. Often my paintings have a loving reference to nature, to the morphology of earth.

I use my materials in a very free and experimental way. My canvasses have to endure a very rough handling: heat, water, hair drier, brushes, oil …

My colours may flow, drip, run, tear, sink, burst, split, stream, whirl, crumble, ruffle, make a mess, attract, push off, crack, melt …
Helma Boeck I am fascinated by the contrasts and the correlations which are to be seen in nature, in microcosmos as well as in macrocosmos: chaos and order, beauty and force, birth and death, tension and harmony …

The cycle GEOMORPHOLOGY contains now more than 200 paintings which are dealing with the elements and the energies on our planet. Ice -crystals - water and the change of the aggregate states are my subjects of current interest.
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